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Social Network Strategies for Universities- This One Is For My University: IE

images-1Transformation and progress effects social networks as well. If one pays attention he/she can discover that social networks started to become more serious platforms, best places to inform people about upcoming events or products and advertise.

Facebook, for example, became a platform where people can organize themselves by saving what movies they watched, which ones they would like to watch, or the musicians or bands they like so they can get the latest information from their pages. Less people are posting any random picture on the internet as I observed. This situation also puts institutions such as universities in a position of organizing their own networks. That way students can add the universities their modern agenda Facebook and get interesting updates.

What I would suggest to IE University would be to create an online platform where students outside of IE University can easily access the student life in the university. Before you start a university or before you say “OK. I decided I’m gonna take a plane, change my whole life and start living somewhere new” you wonder what kind of a social life you will have there.

To start with, Crystal Clear Show channel on Youtube is a very good example of an insight into the student life to show the people outside of the university that there is a life of an international family in one of the most unknown places of Segovia. In Crystal Clear Show people get to see the actual student events and groups. In my opinion it is better to interview groups of students rather than individual students because people who are not from the university usually think that the nerd students are the ones who get interviewed by the school, IE should prove this wrong.

When you search through the internet, you actually don’t get to see the complete university life of a university. It sounds easy, in this era, that you can reach any video you want about any school on the internet but it is not true. IE is a small university, so it can easily achieve this state of being interesting on social platforms. It should create a desire in people to get to know the social life in the university and by uploading social content. It should also talk about the privileges that the students of the school will have, because IE University is such a good university and a business school. Success of Tyba in TNW Start-up rally. I think the university could achieve that.

It could have a blog, it could have a student blog which is made by IE University communication students as a school newspaper, it can have a Twitter account, a Youtube Channel and a Facebook page. By the spread of the word, I don’t think it is hard for the university to be popular socially.


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