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Beginning of a New Era: Online Wars

images-2In 2006 a dispute occured between Google and Copiepresse which is a copyright management company for Belgian newspapers. When Copiepresse managers figured it out that Google was using the content of Belgian newspapers in the Google News page, they wanted bring this to an end, since they claimed it is as stealing information from them.

In 2011, Belgian newspapers won against Google on the issue of Copiepresse. While many arguments flow in the air during the case, it has been proven by the court that it is the right of Copiepresse to claim that Google uses their information illegally on the Google news page. While Google attracted more viewers, this situation harmed the Belgian newspapers since their content was revealed by Google.

But is it right to say that Google is stealing information from Belgian newspapers when we are living in a world where sharing is the key to many daily actions? When we have internet and abundant spread of information, is it right to call Google a thief? Some people claimed that it is just as sharing a page from a book, when one buys a book she can share it with her friends, why Google would not be able to share information they find online from the Belgian newspapers?

While I agree with this argument that, now we are leaving in an information sharing era and anybody who sees something is able to share with the others in the frames of copyright laws and what Google was just sharing information, I agree more with Copiepresse.

If Google will start establishing all the information they receive from newspapers, it would be an abuse of the time that the journalists put it to make their newspaper special. Newspapers should have the right of being online without being targeted by Google.

I am not against Google or anything, and I think Google is doing an amazing job overall, and I don’t want Google to publish content that belong to other newspapers because I want to keep the balance of power. Google has so much content and is so powerful anyway. I think it is right for the newspapers to claim their turn in gaining viewers on something they do the best. Google is a very successful search engine, and it is a really good idea that they wanted to include newspapers as well so people can reach those newspapers easily. But if the newspapers are trying to make some money out of their job, I think search engines should let them to do so.There should be a friendly online environment.


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