Dreaming Digital

Struggle of a journalism student with technology.

How I Discovered That Technology is Not That Bad After All


I am this very romantic old-fashioned communication student who disliked technology too much. I disliked it too much that I thought technology was a tool that people hid behind and show themselves as someone else. People started to take pictures when they go out with their friends and upload them regularly, they were uploading every single thing and I was not liking this. This should not become the world we live in. Our world should have been sincere I thought.

I was also being hypocritical in this. While I was hating facebook and twitter too much(I really did not feel the need of seeing pictures of what people eat every day) I was enjoying vimeo. I loved using programs such as aftereffects to create animation films.

Until this year when I realized how easy it is to create a page in facebook and share with your friends and this actually is not that bad. It actually is nice. Then I started to discover the changes in facebook. It was not the information trash that I used to look at, but now you could use facebook to follow the tour dates or tour memories of your favorite bands. While I was becoming more and more aware of it, social media was becoming an every day tool which could be to my advantage. People started to use it more aware I thought and they started to share more interesting things. I really want to establish the IE Radio for example, and through facebook it is really easy to reach the university students and get feedback from them. It is not only easy but for the first time I thought it was beautiful. It mean it doesn’t suck.

With our digital literacy class my interest grew. I got to realize that social media was going to be a part of my life if I was going to be a communicator so why would I not enjoy it? I started this blog with the digital literacy class and limited myself to only blogging about technology. Today was the last day of our digital literacy class and I need to admit that I actually really enjoyed that class. Knowing about technology was cool. I mean it is not that bad.

Oh and this song has nothing to do with the rest of the article. But I wanted to include it anyway, because I like it and maybe I thought it would make it more fun.



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