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Struggle of a journalism student with technology.

Google Hangouts

“Oykuuuu where are you? Why are you not coming back?” complained my little cousin. We like each other like siblings with her, and now she had the chance of seeing me through a glass window, she used her time to accuse me of being gone for so long.

When my mom and dad saw this, they smiled. They knew how much we liked each other. And they knew how young she was to understand that I was not able to go to her house and play games with her.

My uncle in another city could also watch the scene and appreciate the words of a 6-year-old.

This is what Google Hangouts provided me and my family when I was living in a different country and when I have a more than curious family who wants to see me everyday.

I am not here to promote Google or Google Hangouts, however, since I am studying Communication degree I have to know about the new technologies and benefit from them as much as possible. What I liked about Google Hangouts was that it enables you to have a video conversation with more than one person at a time without making you pay for it. This function was what got me since I don’t like to load my computer with so many different programs which function in the same way. So since I was using Skype I actually at the beginning didn’t want to get another program, but what is considered “upgraded” in Skype is a usual tool of Google Hangouts. Plus, it has some effects which you can apply during the video conferences you have.

Within the introduction of Google Hangouts, I believe Google just strengthen the basic idea about itself in people’s minds: The key is to be simple.

The ideas that they introduce are very easy to find: Lets put some effects when there is a video conference. It will also be nice if people can take pictures. And lets make it between more than two people. Basic.

That way Google don’t bombard people with some many ideas which may be complicated to follow. Instead, they just implement the most basic ones but these ideas operate incredibly. Nothing to be confused or no technological problems. At least until today I didn’t experience any problems such as the screen to be frozen or the connection to be broken. Obviously, these factors also depend on the internet quality or the quantity of people using the internet but in the end I had a good experience with Google Hangouts so far.


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