Dreaming Digital

Struggle of a journalism student with technology.

Beginning of a New Era: Online Wars

In 2006 a dispute occured between Google and Copiepresse which is a copyright management company for Belgian newspapers. When Copiepresse managers figured it out that Google was using the content … Continue reading

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Social Network Strategies for Universities- This One Is For My University: IE

Transformation and progress effects social networks as well. If one pays attention he/she can discover that social networks started to become more serious platforms, best places to inform people about … Continue reading

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How I Discovered That Technology is Not That Bad After All

I am this very romantic old-fashioned communication student who disliked technology too much. I disliked it too much that I thought technology was a tool that people hid behind and … Continue reading

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Going Digital

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On Entrepreneurship, How Did a Girl with a Keyboard, a Myspace Account Started to Make Money From the First Day She Created Her Online Vintage Network?

Sophia Amoruso created a social networking for vintage clothes, where she and other people can sell their clothes to each other. http://pandodaily.com/2013/01/31/sophia-amoruso-reflects-on-success-i-wouldnt-have-done-any-of-this/

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Tim Cook talks product pipeline, 5-inch iPhone, growth in China, supply chain, and more

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BACTrack is the “quantified self” app for boozers

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